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Hello and a warm welcome to HiSOFT's home page.

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March 2015 – After nearly 5 hectic years, we've moved on from The Waterfront Inn to concentrate on building and enhancing websites (, our latest responsive site) and selling the fantastic Ambur ePOS system for restaurants.

April 2014 – We're still busy crafting websites, in between serving pints of beer and crab sandwiches!

ambur posJanuary 2013 – We are now a reseller (exclusive on the Isle of Wight) for the amazing Ambur iOS POS software – a truly affordable and powerful solution for your hotel / bar/ restaurant.

Contact us for more details.

18 April 2011 – A rather late update: we're now (since 1 June 2010, actually!) running a busy brasserie/pub/guest house in Shanklin, Isle of Wight whilst still supporting all our web customers – are we mad?!

20 May 2009 – We've been surprisingly busy over the last few months, slaving away at a few websites – here's a couple that have been completed recently:

10 July 2007 – We've moved back to the original HiSOFT premises in Greenfield, near Bedford. It feels very strange to be living in the Old School, having worked here for so many years (1985-2003!).

22 May 2007 – The new site goes live. I'm still hopeful that I may be able to add a section about all the old HiSOFT products; please don't hesitate to email me with any ideas or comments. Many thanks.